I am available to speak at writing conferences, libraries, or private functions.

For a list of my upcoming classes, click here.

Some of the topics I can speak about :

1. The Five Stages of Editing

In this workshop, we explore the five stages of editing:

  • Relaxing–Taking time off from your work
  • Reading–Bringing fresh eyes to the work and making a revision plan
  • Restructuring–Looking at story, plot, character, and themes (in fiction), and organization, logic, and arguments (in non-fiction)
  • Rewriting–Editing line by line for flow and readability
  • Refining–Checking facts, proofreading, examining word choice

2. One Year, One Book: From Concept to Finished Book in Twelve Months

In this workshop,  we explore ways to:

  • Make time to write in the midst of your busy life
  • Balance “inspiration” and “perspiration” Stick with your writing when it gets tough
  • Work through procrastination and the inner critic
  • Plan and track your work so you can write your book this year

If would like to inquire about having me speak at your event, contact me through this form.