Audio Books and ACX with Jeff Hays–Episode 100–March 23 2016

Episode 100 of the WRITER 2.0 Podcast is all about audio books. First, I spend a few minutes talking about trends in the audio book industry and outlining the ACX program, the Amazon/Audible platform that allows indie authors to produce audio books. Next, I speak with actor Jeff Hays, who is focusing on audio books and narrated the upcoming audio version on my book, The Anonymous Source.

I speak with Jeff about:

  • how he got started doing audio books;
  • the process he goes through when creating one;
  • straight reads vs. more heavily “acted” or “produced” audio books;
  • how the financial model of ACX works for him;
  • the one series he’d most like to narrate.

Plus, we hear clips from two of his projects.

12717241_1664226017164556_5075386692340119788_nYou can find Jeff Hays here:


Audio Samples:

Twitter: @fiatcelebrity

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