Books and Basketball with Dave Fromm–Episode 111–July 25 2016

On a much-delayed episode 111 of the WRITER 2.0 Podcast I spoke with novelist Dave Fromm. We discussed:51xPxvfZqmL

  • his brief semi-pro basketball career in Prague;
  • his first book, EXPATRIATE GAMES;
  • the process of working with Tyrus Books;
  • why books are never finished, just published;
  • his new book, THE DURATION.

Plus, on “Today in Writing,” Bob Dylan goes electric.

Who is Dave? Check out this bio from his website:

Dave FrommHi.  My name’s Dave.  I’m a writer and/or a lawyer.  I grew up in western Massachusetts, in a small town called Lenox.  It’s a beautiful town, maybe the most beautiful town in the world.  Probably not.  But definitely beautiful.

I went to college in Boston and law school in Washington D.C.  In between I spent a couple of years living in Prague, where I played basketball for a mid-level Czech semi-pro club — emphasis on the “semi-“.  We didn’t get paid and nobody came to watch us except our girlfriends, and half the time they didn’t come either.  Fun season, though.  I wrote a book about that season called Expatriate Games: My Season of Misadventures in Czech Semi-Pro Basketball. It’s not a great book, although one reviewer said it stood with the best of George Plimpton.  Which is insane.  You can buy it on here somewhere if you want.

I spent about a decade as a lawyer and will probably do it again at some point.  As a career choice, it has its moments.  But until then, I’m writing.  My debut novel is called The Duration.  It’s a tragic bromance set in Berkshire County. Comes out from the great Tyrus Books on May 1, 2016.  I encourage you to buy, like, eight copies immediately.

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