Do I Need a Literary Agent?–Episode 77–November 6 2015

Episode 77 is all about literary agents. If you listen to this show regularly, you know that some authors find literary agents and have great success soon after. Most don’t.

And now, with the options opened up by self-publishing, many wonder whether they should even try to get an agent. Some ask whether agents are still relevant at all. I think they are, and in this show I explore 5 things I wish I’d known about agents a few years ago.

Listen above, or check out the list below.

  1. You absolutely don’t need an agent to get your work into the world and sell books.
  2. But getting an agent can REALLY help you with your career in many circumstances.
  3. You don’t want AN agent, you want THE RIGHT agent. Not all agents are the same, and some who call themselves agents are scam artists.
  4. To find the right agent, get to know agents. Research them, follow them on Facebook, meet them at conferences. But don’t stalk them. They hate that.
  5. Agents are changing with the times. The traditional agency model still exists, but so do some newer, hybrid agencies doing very cool things.

4 thoughts on “Do I Need a Literary Agent?–Episode 77–November 6 2015”

  1. I really enjoy your podcasts. This piece in particular was helpful to me. I have an agent and an editor in the family and have been extremely hesitant to contact either for advice. But now I think I need to use what resources I am lucky to have and while I will NOT throw my manuscript at them, I will prod them for advice. Both are chatty and love what they do. They know I’m a writer but it seems we have all kept a respectful distance for fear that one might want something the other can’t provide. Know what I mean? Anyway, I will delve deeper and see what they think I need. Thanks. By the way, set the kid up with his own youtube station. What the hell!

    1. Absolutely. I think there’s a way to ask for advice and use the resources you have available, while also being realistic and respecting their roles. Awesome that you have those folks in your family.

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