The Five Forms of Procrastination–Episode 64–October 2, 2015

“The price an artist pays for doing what he wants is that he has to do it.”

William S. Burroughs

In this solo episode of the WRITER 2.0 Podcast, I talk about how procrastination affects our writing lives. First, I touch on three things writers should understand about procrastination:

  • Most writers—even successful ones—procrastinate.
  • We procrastinate for good reasons.
  • The key to working with procrastination is awareness.

Next, I talk about 5 forms of procrastination and the corresponding emotional sentiments that can keep us from writing.

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Procrastination Form #1: Overwhelm

Sentiment: “I don’t know where to start” or “It’s just too big”

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Procrastination Form #2: Rebellion

Sentiment: “You’re not gonna make me do this today”

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Procrastination Form #3: Fatigue or Lack of motivation

Sentiment: “I just don’t have the energy for this today” or “Why bother?”

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Procrastination Form: #4: Fear of an Unknown Outcome

Sentiment: “I just don’t know if this book will go anywhere.”

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Procrastination Form #5: Perfectionism

Sentiment: “It’s never going to be good enough anyway.”

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