Transitioning to Full-Time Writing with M.D. Cooper–Episode 125–February 1 2017

On episode 125 of the WRITER 2.0 Podcast I spoke with Michael (M.D.) Cooper, creator of The Intrepid Saga. We talked about:
    • how he completed 80,000 words in the month of January;
    • his transition into full-time writing;
    • the differences between sci-fi and fantasy;
    • building a sci-fi world;
    • his recent inclusion in the Dark Humanity boxed set;
    • our shared distaste for the TV show Lost.
M. D. CooperAbout our guest:
Michael Cooper likes to think of himself as a jack of all trades (and hopes to become master of a few). When not writing books, he can be found creating software, working in his shop on his latest carpentry project, or (more likely) reading a book. He shares his home with a precocious young girl, his wonderful wife (who also writes), two cats, a never-ending list of things he would like to build, and ideas…

1 thought on “Transitioning to Full-Time Writing with M.D. Cooper–Episode 125–February 1 2017”

  1. Another great podcast and some interesting tidbits. Very interested in how he made the transition to full time writing, how he uses writing sprints and world building. Some key takeaways: write to market, produce quality content quickly, and network with like minded authors. Like the focus on this.

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